Thursday, March 20, 2014

Feng Shui - The Art of Harmony in the Home

The home is a representation of our daily lives. I truly believe this to be true. Harmony in the home starts by creating an environment that fosters us from the madness of this world. If we have an orderly home then it becomes much more fun coming home from work. It allows us to create self expression and give to others by entertaining. The opposite also proves true. Imagine a long day filled with meetings, appointments, errands and little sleep while walking into your living room and finding untidiness, clothes all over the place, dishes undone and you can't find your bills. The following ideas will help you keep your home organized and clutter free. Harmony in the home can go a long way...

1. Clean your closets. You will find items which you no longer use or have no interest in wearing.

2. Donate or sell your unused items. If you look around your home you might find plenty of items which you could sell online or yard sales.

3. Be creative with your space. A bookshelf can hold just about anything not just books.

4. Keep the color scheme. It is much pleasing to the eye if you stay with a few color combinations. This tip creates a sense of order.

5. Maintenance is the key. Keeping track of your progress is necessary for these changes to last. A chore board helps everyone around the house be responsible for their part.

6. Plants make the world go round. Plants create a sense of vibrance and peace in the home. Just don't forget to water the plants.

7. Lighter colors open the room. The lighter the color scheme the bigger the room will appear. You can create this effect with the paint color, decorations and lighting.