Thursday, March 20, 2014


The day seems like it is never going to end. The workload is stressful, the coworkers are challenging your sanity and the boss is irritable. This describes a typical bad day at work. Life can be difficult at times and our very selves can get trampled in the everyday routine leading to neglecting our minds, bodies and souls. Here are a few ways I like to RELAX and unwind after a very chaotic day in the workplace. I hope you enjoy these suggestions which I believe can help ease the worries of a long and strenuous day.

1. Have some chamomile tea. This tea has great soothing properties allowing you to feel relaxed...very relaxed!

2. Chocolate is called the food of the God's! Chocolate releases endorphins which are chemicals in the brain associated with happiness. Dark chocolate is my favorite and it is high an antioxidants.

3. Read a new book! Go to the library or the store and find that book you have been wanting to get around for a while. Sit back and enjoy!

4. Go for a run! Running or any other type of exercise helps the body get rid of stress and some studies suggest even depression. Plus your confidence increases as you get into shape.

5. Have a healthy smoothie! Get the blender out of storage and mix some fruits, protein powder and ice. Now you have a palate pleasing smoothie that is also really good for you.

6. Call a friend! It could help you make sense of the situation at work by allowing you to sort out ideas and help you to think clearly.

7. Get a massage! There a so many types out there such as aroma therapy, hot stone, reflexology or a simple 20 minute chair massage can also help you relax and deal with stress.